Monday, July 8, 2013

Peace Now and Black Peace Now x Japanese Subculture and Fashion History

It has been a couple of months now since the well-known and popular Japanese street fashion brand Black Peace Now have announced bankruptcy. This news was revealed March 6, 2013. The brand has released so many wonderful selections of gothic, punk and lolita outfits in the past years. They have a unique and refreshing way of coordinating the clothes on the display such as using items that suits a gothic lolita outfit with those that is punk.

Peace Now and Black Peace Now have catered to many because of how versatile the designs are. They have fulfilled the needs of those who wants the much accustomed look of the gothic, the punk and the lolita as well as the ones looking for something new and experimental. They even paired a frilly black cardigan with a printed T-shirt and it looks really nice.

The brand also had some impressionable collaboration in the past with bands like An Cafe, Golden Bomber, Dolly and so on as mentioned in Japanese Streets It also states that the company made efforts by closing down some stores and cut costs. However, the company was not able to stave off bankruptcy and has debts of 4.2 million US dollars.

I actually encountered this news by coincidence. I could not completely believe it at first since I went to the Marui One mall in Shinjuku some time June 2013. I think I still saw a Black Peace Now store there when I went. And so, I decided to read up.  

It was announced in the website of Black Peace Now USA that this would be the last chance that people can get their hands on items made by the brand.

Of course there is some probability that those who like Black Peace Now can still get something from the brand in stores like Closet Child, Fairy Angel or other stores as well as people who are willing to sell their pieces.

There was a sale 30-50% off which was announced on official page of Black Peace Now San Francisco during the last week of June.
The official international webshop of Black Peace Now
also have some items available with 40-60% discount on the original price.
This might be the last chance, as well as way, that people who like the brand will get the items firsthand.

It is truly a sad news to know that a brand that has contributed so much to the fashion history of a subculture would soon close down. It has been a recognized brand for so many years after all. Black Peace Now will surely be missed by those who have supported and loved the brand.

x Neko

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