Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Inspired by Dolly Kei | Topshop x Alice and the Pirates

This lately, I am inspired by both Lolita Kei and Dolly Kei fashion. I appreciate their doll-like beauty that is expressed in different manners by different individuals. I admire the attention to detail that is needed in both fashion from the pretty trimmings, the prints, accessories and so many more as well as how it extends to the very lifestyle of the people who dresses in these styles.

This look is inspired by the Dolly Kei fashion.

Inspired by Dolly Kei | Topshop x Alice and the Pirates

I braided, twisted and pinned my hair to give it a style that would seem similar to the shapes that some vintage hairstyles have. 

My sleeveless black blouse is from Get Laud. It has lots of ruffles and lace trimmings on it. I have been wearing it for years and it does give of that feel. 

The tulle skirt is from Topshop. It has an old rose color and it is extremely soft, light and fluffy because of the many layers of chiffon it is made of.

The socks I was wearing in this picture used to be just a regular black knee-high socks. I stitched some black lace that is around 2-inches wide. Then, I finished the look with a pair of creamy white multi-strap pumps with velvet texture from Alice and the Pirates. I have to say that pumps is one of the most useful footwear a woman can own. 

This look is simple, toned down and just a classic on its own.

x Neko

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