Monday, July 15, 2013

I Love Kusama at Ayala Museum, Manila & LOVE SUMMER TOKYO, a Yayoi Kusama & Roppongi Hills collaboration

Yayoi Kusama is love for the month of July. With LOVE SUMMER TOKYO and I Love Kusama, held this month in both Tokyo and Manila. It seems that everyone loves her. LOVE SUMMER TOKYO, a Yayoi Kusama & Roppongi Hills art project collaboration, is being held beginning 19 July, 2013 until September 1, 2013. The famous polka dots will be everywhere in Roppongi Hills, including a beer garden, standing bar and cafe. The cafe "Watashi no daisukina watashi", which translates to "The Me Who I Like", has an original menu and collection of items inspired by the artists collection. The Mizutama Garden will feature many of her iconic works as guests enjoy their food and beer. The Mizutama Plaza will also be covered in in the famouse polka dots and other Yayoi Kusama related events would be held this summer in Tokyo. 

When in Manila, I Love Kusama is held in celebration of the 40th Year of the ASEAN-Japan Friendship. The exhibition    of Lim and Kim Camacho is part of the Collectors Series, which features artworks that are not usually seen in public. It will be on view beginning 16 July, 2013 until 1 September, 2013 at Ayala Museum's Ground Floor Gallery and Third Floor Glass Lane .


"Yayoi Kusama, born in Japan, 1929, is one of the leading and most influential figures of the avant-garde scene and is credited to be an important precursor of various art movements which took shape between the 1950s and 60s, namely Minimalism, Feminism and Pop Art. Kusama remains active and relevant at 84, as attested by her works being one of the main highlights of the recently concluded ArtBasel HK.

Notable Kusama installations include her immersive infinity mirror rooms that have been featured in institutions like the Whitney Museum of American Art and Tate Modern, and her iconic spotted pumpkin sculptures seen on both indoor and outdoor exhibitions in different countries. In 2011, Kusama also worked with fashion designer Marc Jacobs for a line of whimsical products and corresponding window displays forLouis Vuitton."

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