Thursday, July 25, 2013

FARFETCH.COM | Chloe Shoulder from VITKAC Poland | #FarfetchHero


Thank you +farfetch for the stunningly cool and feminine #Chloe  shoulder bag from their boutique#VITKAC  in Poland. Get involved in this wonderful Google+ community and share your love for fashion and all things creative!

I first heard of last year at their Hong Kong Launch at the Space, Hollywood Road.

A revolutionary fashion portal that is a fashion cult favorite. With a wide network of independent boutiques, it fulfills the need and desire to find unique items even those with well-travelled heels have a hard time looking for. Case in point when I was looking for the Church's Burwood Met Brogues, a limited edition item, it was sold out everywhere in Hong Kong. I was told that it was impossible to get them. Amazingly, Farfetch was the only one that still had it. Even now. Its like visiting your favorite independent boutique and getting to know the individuals behind each boutique’s personal selection. Trust that they always have the best.
Thank you +farfetch for the #Chloe  shoulder bag from their boutique#VITKAC  in Poland.

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