Friday, June 21, 2013

The Modern Knights | Illustrations | circa 2013

It has been a while since I did draw a series of illustrations related to each other. This is actually a small collection that floated into my mind. I was inspired to draw these illustrations after watching some series about the Arthurian legend and reading a bit about them. I also tried to draw the mini collection like the black and white pictures I saw depicting parts of the Arthurian Legend. I was thinking all the "what-ifs". This is my modern version of what knights and ladies from the Arthurian legend would wear.

Coats with draping details for the men for cold nights and fitted dresses for the ladies to describe a few. But, I think there would be so much detail of drapings to still keep it simple but much different from what they used to wear from their time.

If I was more skilled in making my illustrations, I probably don't need to explain that the black parts of the illustrations are made of leather or something close to it to make it feel suave. One of the illustrations would actually have a pair of heels where the actual heel is in four parts and there is really some space between the parts. To be honest, I wanted the collection to look a bit bizarre but not too out of place. I hope that the illustrations did some justice to my imagination.



Neko Eri

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