Wednesday, June 26, 2013

All White and Mori Girl on a Sunny Day | Mich Dulce x Zara x Alice and The Pirates

There are different kinds of beauty found in nature and for many years, there have been many fashion inspired by that theme of nature and all sorts of other greenery and such.

In recent years, there is one such style of fashion inspired by a much more specific theme. This fashion is called "Mori Girl", which means Forest Girl. As the name imply, it is a style wherein the people dress as if they live in a forest. There are different ways to show that one's sense of style is influenced by Mori Girl fashion. Mori Girl fashion can be drawn to items such as vintage, knits and crochets, nature-themed prints, earthy and neutral color palette and the layering of those things.

This is my simple Mori Girl inspired look for a hot weather.

All White and Mori Girl on a Sunny Day | Mich Dulce x Zara x Alice and The Pirates

Alice and The Pirates shoes
This all white ensemble has different kinds of white. It consists of layering three items: a spaghetti strap, a jumpsuit dress and a skirt. I wore a simple white spaghetti strap underneath a cotton jumpsuit dress by Mich Dulce. The cotton jumpsuit dress has draping on it that gives the hem a scallop shape. It is a wonderful dress that looks nice on its own or layered with other items underneath or over it because it has enough space due to the draping detail. It will probably go well with pants and flat boots as well.

The look would not have been complete without something that did look vintage. That is why the jumpsuit dress was paired with a skirt with embroidery from Zara. The delicate curves of the embroidery pattern, the cotton material and the off white color makes it look vintage. It adds a calm and gentle feel to the over all look.

Last but not the least would be the footwear. I wore a creamy velvet multi-strap pumps from Alice and The Pirates. One might find this as a debatable choice for the entire Mori Girl fashion because Mori Girls usually wear flat shoes. Camille and I wanted the look to be made of mostly white so I wore this pair.

Next time, I would want to try incorporating some other colors for my Mori Girl look. And, maybe something knitted if the weather becomes more appropriate.



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