Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Tribute to Pale Bleue in Manila

There are many things that becomes forgotten as time passes by and with the sheer number of new things popping up, I guess it becomes hard to keep track. Maybe that is the same for most things and it takes some amount of recalling for the memories to freshen up. There used to be a small shop called Pale Bleue, which I frequent years back. It has long been closed and I heard no more of it.

They used to have so many racks of clothing crowded in one small shop. Each piece had its distinct charm. I often liked the jackets and coats I found there because I could not find anything like the ones they have in other local stores. There were times it crossed my mind that they do not follow any kind of trend for their design and that they were truly creative and free. They had a mishmash of things and I wasn't sure who their market target was. Regardless of how Pale Bleue left me puzzled in the past, I really am fond of their jackets and coats. In fact, I bought two jackets from them way back. I decided to wear the one I liked better when I went to see Camille to chitchat over coffee as a form of tribute.

The jacket from Pale Bleue is made with denim. It has what seems to be a black print but it actually has the texture of velvet. I just chose to wear a black plain t-shirt from Get Laud underneath and a pair of basic black flats from Solemate so the entire look would look muted. My white pencil cut skirt with black lace prints is from Juila. I originally bought this for work but there is no harm wearing it elsewhere so I did.

I decided the prints of the jacket and the skirt were of the same color and both looked similar to lace so it would still provide coherency to the entire look. Denim has a tough image most of the time but the velvet-textured prints on it and the skirt makes it a little bit more balanced by adding a lady-like touch.

So, here we are. An ordinary day for chitchat and coffee made special by a moment of tribute to Pale Bleue with a little help from items of other shops.


Neko Eri

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