Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Of Lolitaism and Experiments | H. Naoto x Topshop x Monki x Summer Sault

Of Lolitaism and Experiments x Neko Eri 
H. Naoto x Topshop x Summer Sault

I always liked Lolita fashion ever since I first laid eyes on it. That was years back when I came across a picture of Mana from the visual kei group Malice Mizer.

This would be me blending in a bit of Lolita fashion with something else but I think I still have a long way to go(and more shopping to do) before I really look like a Lolita.
My hat is from H. Naoto Blood. It was the very first purchase I made from Marui One.To this day, I still remember when I finally got it in my hands. It has small prints of roses and crosses and a black ribbon with white text to tie under my chin. Black lace adorns this little hat.

The black corset is from Topshop. I don't know what else to say about this except that it is just such a gorgeous thing. The black satin fabric and the perfectly placed bones give it the simple, neat and classic form. It might actually be not much of an exaggeration on my part to say that if one doesn't have the fashion staple LBD, you might as well have this instead.

The black pleated skirt is from Monki. It is sheer, soft and has a wonderful flowing texture. Everything about this skirt is lovely. I especially like the length because it is not too short or long. It is just the perfect length.

The boots is from Summer Sault. It is a gift from Camille and I adore every bits and pieces that make up this pretty pair. The velvet texture paired with straps of buckles is a nice balance of feminine meets a bit of wild and edgy.

I paired my hat, the corset and the boots this way because there is beauty in simplicity. The color black tones down the entire look. There is always elegance in monochromatic schemes. Each piece that make up this entire look have different textures to make it a bit more interesting.

I intended the entire look to have a Gothic Lolita appeal to it. But, I do wonder if I managed that well. Overall, I like how it turned out though.


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