Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Possessed Perhaps by Emily the Strange

My friends and I were enjoying some light meal and we decided to take some pictures. This would be one of those pictures.

I don't think I look nice with a smile. Never thought so.

My black blouse is from Jagthug. I think it is one of my lucky and unexpected finds. I did not think that the brand Jagthug would actually have pieces like this. I am glad I came across it while wandering around.

I was actually not feeling as sullen as my expression the day this picture was taken. I just could not twitch my lips enough to curl a smile for the picture.

And so, there we have it. A picture of me looking like I have been possessed by Emily the Strange.
Emily the Strange was created during the 1990's for the company Cosmic Debris Etc. Inc. by artist and skateboarder Rob Reger. I used to see this character once in a while on stickers and stationary but I thought the character was fun and unique when I came across a graphic novel in a bookstore long ago. I forgot which one I read to be exact but it told me about how she was not exactly too fond of pink.

It really was a nice day with friends over a nice meal. I promise!

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