Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Boy Meets Girl | Menswear… For Everyone | IFB Project #80

Androgyny is hard to impress. There is always this androgynous chic way of doing it right. Menswear has always been about sharply tailored suits. When his finds hers, its always about the man. Now its about what suits you.

It is apparent the world has been more open minded with magazines giving a unique focus on the topic of androgyny in fashion. For example, Vogue Nippon's Girls Meets Boys issue with cover girl Tao Okamoto, Status Magazine's with JP Singson's Style id Gender Bender & Love Magazine had their infamous The Androgyny issue: THIS IS HARDCORE. These have always been a source of inspiration. Nevertheless, the much awaited Androgynous issue has always been a rare holy grail to collect.  IFB Project #80: Menswear… For Everyone is a great way to show love to androgyny.

Now finding the right white is difficult. I love my jacket! This Dries van Noten menswear is a rare find. At the Hors Pistes Tokyo x Andrea Crews "Extreme Styling" Fashion workshop, I'm wearing something inspired by Rei Kawakubo's saying that "Red is the new Black". I love how the sheer red adds so much detail and shock of color to the all white palette.



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