Monday, January 28, 2013

Alicia Keys x Mika Ninagawa「Girl on Fire」| 1990's 'girl photography' movement in Japan

アリシア・キーズ×蜷川実花 「ガール・オン・ファイア」

Mika Ninagawa has a vividly recognizable aesthetic with euphoric technicolor photographs of the 1990's 'girl photography' movement in Japan. In this version of Alicia Keys' Girls on Fire, it was striking that she was able to capture the reality rather than what is expected. There is always this instantly recognizable photographs of Mika Ninagawa that her adoring audience could instantly bond with. This is a strong song for those who grew up and are breaking expectations of the romanticized image of girls. It is interesting to read more about it in the official blog of Mika Ninagawa.



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