Thursday, January 31, 2013

"1990Nile" | Proudrace Spring Summer 2013 | Sad Girl's Style

Proudrace Spring Summer 2013 "1990Nile" was inspired by the 1990's and gives them a sense of history. Are those Egyptian hieroglyphs on those prints? Most likely, yes. Much of their appeal can be chalked up to the artful prints that the pair conjures up, which succeed at simultaneously paying homage to the past and looking forward. Apparent in how Sad Girl's style has never looked so good.  I love the collared mid-rib jumper, Sad Girl prints and all black palette.

A well-loved independent label in Manila with their staple streetwear clothing. That quality has earned them a varied assortment of ardent followers, and accolades aplenty. Recently featured in Japan's  Universe Magazine and fashion website, it seems everyone is a fan. 

Here's a quick blurb about the Proudrace Spring Summer 2013 "1990Nile"
Inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphs, sportswear and Sad Girl, the collection, aptly titled "1990Nile" explored Proudrace's penchant for athletic uniforms, marrying classic cuts with their constant nineties streetwear direction. Staple streetwear pieces like oversized shirts, jog pants,tops and jackets with baseball jersey inspired sillouhettes paid homage to Sad Girl's style, the protagonist of the 1993 film, Mi Vida Loca. Egyptian hieroglyphs that are are reminiscent of Keith Haring's iconic graffiti are the main focus for the tongue-in-cheek prints the duo used for their custom-printed fabrics. The collection shows that there will always be room for old stories and childhood inspirations in our future wardrobes. 


"1990NILE" SPRING SUMMER 2013 from PROUDRACE on Vimeo.

PHOTOS BY: Everywhere We Shoot 

MUA:Sam Unson Gallardo 
MODELS: Pauline Prieto,Alex Omiunu 
FILM BY: Judd Figuerres 
All clothing and accesories by Proudrace Spring Summer 2013


Camille Barba

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