Friday, November 9, 2012

alice auaa Spring S/S 2013 | Lost like Alice in Wonderland

That is my initial impression when I see the collection presented by alice auaa for Spring Summer 2013 collection as it pulled me in and kept me mesmerized. The collection manages to exude a dark and chic atmosphere. It is a play on classic pieces but it also presents a new element to it. Here's a quote regarding the design aesthetic of alice auua designer Yasutaka Funakoshi: 美と醜悪、光と陰といった相反する二面性を、黒という色を基調に退廃的でシュールなフィルターによって単にカテゴライズするのではなく全てに宿る生命の時間(滅びよりの創造)、不自由さに宿るエレガンスやエロスを永遠のテーマとしアヴァンギャルドでロマンティシズムなモードを発信する。

The Alice and Madhatter look have over-sized parts to the look. A play in proportion where you see large sleeves and hats fits the Wonderland image. It makes me recall how Alice always had problems with growing too big or turning too tiny for her own good.

Alice Auaa designs that embraces the feminine form with a corset

Alice Auaa Spring S/S 2013 | Twin coat & cape dress design

A little black dress with asymmetrical design. At some point, I could not decide if it was deconstructed or not. It looked like one pretty dress and another pretty dress turned into one. I would have been willing to inspect this closer to see if it was just layers of one dress or not. Whatever the case, I like it.

The drawer look leaves me undecided. I think it is nice but bizarre as well.

These are some of the things that I noticed in the collection. It would be interesting if another person would try to mix and match the pieces and see what they would come up with.



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