Monday, October 29, 2012

Miharayasuhiro: Color of Butterfly | Art film | SS2013 womenswear

Miharayasuhiro's Color of Butterfly collection is a collaboration with American abstract painter Bette Ridgeway that showcases natural colors in layers giving an impression of abstraction and minimalism. Bette Ridgeway paintings are shown through minimalist cutting techniques to be able focus on the the details.

In the Dazed Digital article Miharayasuhiro discusses his inspiration,  "I wanted to express the butterfly in two ways. One is through the meaning and symbol of the butterfly, freedom and liberty. The other is colour, which I believe represents race, the emotion of the thoughts, and that in each person they have their own variety of colours and they paint their own lives with it. Not only in individuals but also the world is created by the people in the world with their colours"

The butterfly effect is achieved with the focus on the natural color palette that imitates art. Minimalism in spring is all about colors.

Painting by Bette Ridgeway
installation by WOW



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