Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NORMAN NORIEGA S/S 2012 | glittery sequins & opulent finishes | Philippine Fashion Week

Fashion designer Norman Noriega presents a collection that is a combination of the classic and modern for Spring/Summer 2012.

His S/S 2012 collection mostly consists of slim and slender floor length dresses with silhouettes almost fluid in its appearance. The simple cut of the dresses provides the models a relaxed vibe and draws attention to the sequined textile mostly in black and dark gold. The choice of the colors offers quiet elegance through the subdued luster of the partially metallic textile. These results could not have been achieved if the design incorporated other metallic tones that were not as subdued.

The pattern of how the sequins are arranged by its color appreciate the female form by accentuating its curves and contours. As seen below, some of the dresses follow a linear arrangement in varying directions making each dress an unforgettable piece yet still an important component of the entire collection.


Neko Eri

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