Thursday, November 15, 2012

fur fur S/S 2012 | fairies in the picture books | Japan Fashion Week

fur fur S/S 2012 | fairies in the picture books | Japan Fashion Week
I recalled in my mind a number of picture books I used to own as a child when I saw the images of Fur Fur S/S 2012 collection, which is a favorite example of their design aesthetic. The concept seem to be about pairing clothes like you would arrange a bunch of flowers. Since the collection's concept was related to flowers, it used flowers, plants and some branches which I was not sure whether it was real or not.

The collection reminded me of the fairies in those picture books. Just looking at the collection lets me imagine how it must be like in the life of mystical creatures somewhere in the woods. The overall look tells me a tale full of fantasy and adventure. It is like I am seeing a collection dedicated to Peter Pan (if ever he was born a girl).


I like how the collection somehow feels vintage because of the flowery embellishments amidst ruffles, sheer fabrics and laces. The use of plant motif headpiece with some sheer fabric is also a nice touch to the look and it does not seem out of place. The ballet flats makes me reminisce the old days when I used to see stage performances. All of these details gives off the design the feel of what is ethereal and fragile. It feeds the imagination with old nostalgic fairy tale dreams despite the fact that I am surrounded by the bustling daily life in the city. It is like a breath of fresh air when being an adult in the real world becomes a tiring thought to entertain.


Neko Eri

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