Thursday, October 6, 2011

Studs of Tea | Church's English Shoes | Burwood Met

Studs of Tea | Church's English Shoes | Burwood W

Studs of Tea of Church's English Shoes has a cool androgynous take on the masculine brogues. A not so overly punk take on studs. The promotional video of Church's New Women's only store at UK'via Blog this' has very mode chic take on having High Tea.

This stunningly studded brogues are intricately made that the pattern of the studs is complements the classic design, not overwhelmingly in your face punk at all.

I have a fascination for brogues with a proper seal of approval like the established Church's English shoes (est. 1873). It seems that this time they have set out to win over a new generation of fans. I'm looking forward to acquiring a pair of brogues that are made to last.


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