Friday, October 7, 2011

Jerome Allen Lorico | Grand Prix at the 48th Japan Fashion Design Contest

Jerome Lorico’s winning dress, 'Ink and Water' (Photo from the Japan Fashion Design Contest office)
Yesterday we were excited to be able to attend Manila's Fashion Watch 2011. Particularly interested with Jerome Lorico, who is the Grand Prix winner of the 48th Japan Fashion Design Contest. Last year's theme was   “Steer for the Future 2020 Autumn/Winter.” with his winning dress, 'Ink and Water'. A very interesting piece that deserves its very own post separate from the Fashion Watch 2011 review.
Jerome Lorico's 'Ink and Water' (Photo from the Japan Fashion Design Contest office)
In the article With Japan Win, Young Designer 'Steers For The Future' from The Manila Bulletin Newspaper Online, the designer discusses the concept and design of Ink and Water - "It’s very symbolical because it reflects what’s happening in our surroundings right now. Before, it is the environment that influences people, but it’s the other way around these days. Now, it is the people who are now influencing and affecting the environment, so that’s the idea behind the design.” 

An interesting perspective on a seemingly little black dress. An different play on symmetry with a beautiful silhouette made with fabric that is a hybrid between cotton and piña, a local fabric made from pineapple fiber. The designer explains that "Some people would think that piña is an unstable fabric but it’s good enough for a machine to work on and I believe it even became more stable because of cotton, so I think it’s a great combination.”
A sketch of the grand prize winning entry (image taken from the brochure of the 48th Japan Fashion Design Contest)
Jerome Lorico is one of the rising young designers in Manila. Looking forward to see how he is going to show that there are a lot of young and good talents in the Philippines.



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