Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bouleversement d'ete: summer in disarray | Oj Hofer | Fashion Watch 2011

Bouleversement d'ete: summer in disarray | Oj Hofer
The  collection made by Oj Hofer comprised of flowing sheer and soft fabrics. His collection was classy yet it offered a modern edge to it because of how some pieces were worn. The overall regal look was attained through the silhouettes and structures of the pieces. But, there was also a hint of delicacy as well, what with the material they used being such an intricate lace.

I was really fascinated to see the pieces made of sheer gauzy fabrics layered over another soft fabric. It was layered over what looked like a separate piece that seemed finely sculpted over the model's figure.      I thought the collection would end with mostly dresses, blouses with draping details and blazers or jackets with shimmery sequins. I was surprised when I started seeing some models come out wearing harem pants and hoodies. I never thought that I would see a mix of what appealed to the formal together with what appealed to street fashion for this collection.

It was an unexpected turn for me because I really thought the collection would stick with formal wear because of the range of colors that was used namely white, black and a color that reminds me of pale rose. Somewhere in the corner of my mind, I probably should have expected it when I noticed some models wearing flats while clothed in long dresses while others walked on in heels with expert ease.

I think that the collection is amazing and unique as a whole because of how they managed to appeal to both formal and street fashion without making it look out of place. 


Neko Eriko

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