Friday, September 30, 2011

Youth in a bottle | shu uemura red:juvenus

Shu uemura red:juvenus
If you're aware of the saying "time waits for no one", I think that it's never too early to start a skin care routine. Something that helps with all the stress. Mine is just bright red. Shu uemura gives us something new to prevent the first signs of aging such as dull skin, loss of elasticity, and fine lines. The breakthrough "red:juvenus is designed to protect against free radicals and vitalize skin cells by enhancing the flow of essential elements for youthfully, radiant skin."'via Blog this'

I'm also quite picky about hair care. The Shu Uemura: Art of Hair is an interesting ritual-like take on hair care. I'm using the Full shimmer line to take care of my color-treated hair. I remember the days where I had chrome hair - it was pretty something.

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