Thursday, June 2, 2011

East Tokyo Project - Mirror Opening Charity Event

East Project - "Mirror" Opening Charity Event is aptly named a Reflection of our Action. 
It is the charity event held last 5/11 for the Save East Japan Project. Mirror is located in East Tokyo, Taito Ward just a few minutes away from the Kuramae Station on the Oedo Line. I am currently living around this area so it's pretty nice that something is quite near. The Minato district is already overcrowded. The east project is aiming to do something similar to the "East End", where creative people seeking space and a free environment lead the cultural movement in London.

ART PIECE "harmonization" by REBIRTH PROJECT
The mobile work structure and planes revolve around a circle representing how everything co-exists.

A Reflection of Our Action was held at the modern riverside cafe, Cielo Y Rio. 
A multi-purpose cafe, restaurant, event space & studio. I approve of the spacious loft type and high-ceiling building. It's something you don't usually see in Tokyo. They also have the Angel food cake fundraising going on.

INO hidefumi LIVE
One of the highlights of the event would be the Live. Ino Hidefumi is a favorite in the Fuji Rock and Tenori Art Festival. Playing an amazing experimental electric piano music. Interesting to note the modern rendition of the old song "My Way"

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