Monday, June 20, 2011

さとうかよ " かみさま " 展 by Kayo Sato at Lamp harajuku ランプハラジュク

Another Art Gallery post, this time I visited the " かみさま " 展 by Kayo Sato at Lamp harajuku ランプハラジュク .  It was located at the B1 gallery space of Lamp Harajuku, which is in the discreet backstreets of the Meiji-jingumae station. " かみさま " exhibition by Kayo Sato is one part nostalgia, with plush dolls from bygone days reworked and upcycled. One part an interest in spirituality, dreams and endless creativity with every INRI stitched to the figures.

I fell in love with Kayo Sato's conceptual design and aesthetic ever since I stayed at her D.I.Y. room in Claska Hotel Tokyo a few years. Which reminds me I need to make a back logged post about that interesting experience. I'm very lucky to be able to visit one of her exhibitions here in Tokyo. No pictures allowed though so we get this photo from the gallery instead.
カメラマン: Atsuko Kitaura
さとうかよ " かみさま " 展


さとうかよ/SATO Kayo

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