Thursday, June 16, 2011

3rd flea market at Harajuku VACANT EVENT 第3回=原宿蚤の市=『年寄りのミラーの家の上に若いヘラジカ』

I have finally had time to fix my blog post about the Third flea market at Harajuku VACANT-EVENT last April 29, 2011. 第3回=原宿蚤の市=『年寄りのミラーの家の上に若いヘラジカ. I heard the news that TOGA would be participating in this event and just had to see for myself. I was pretty surprised with the vintage selection they had. 

I think I just met the genius behind TOGA, Yasuko Furuta. 
The art space Vacant is packed on a golden week holiday. Lots of interesting things to find here.

Here we have the vintage and second hand selections from TOGA XTC. An interesting collection of rock shirts. 

The surprisingly lucky buy from this flea market would be these pointed toe buckled boots from Dr. Martens.  I have been wearing it everywhere since it's so comfy. Pretty exact fit too. I have skinny legs and the buckles are an exact fit.

Pretty much spent my whole time in this booth. I was invited to the Garage Sale "XTC Park" : TOGA XTCガレージセール"エクスタシーひろば".
One of the lovely ladies from TOGA just snapped my picture since I looked like her friend. She was nice to chat with me about fashion blogging. I love her TOGA brooch, which you will only find in their stores in Japan. Ah... online shopping has their limits.

I just snapped the lovely Vogue girl muse, Rina Ohta. She looks so stunning in person. I can't believe we're the same age. If you recall, I blogged about the Dazed & Confused editorial shot by Nobuyoshi Araki. It features actress and Miu Miu model Rina Ohta wearing Miharayasuhiro's S/S11 collection.

Lucky buys would be back issues of international magazines and art books that is hard to find in Tokyo. 
I got the Dazed & Confused Brave New World issue and the rare magazine Wound, Androgyny Android issue. Hope to buy more but I spent less than an hour in the event. Looking forward to it next year.

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