Sunday, May 29, 2011


After visiting Gyre Omotesando for the Fashion Girls for Japan: Charity Art Event, just a few steps away is this quaint little cafe - PAUL & JOE SISTER POP-UP CAFE 東北関東大震災サポートイベント. Just note it's a pop-up cafe though, it's only there for 3 days.  Part of the proceeds goes to the Earthquake charity.

I love the cafe scene in Tokyo. So interestingly detailed. I'm planning to start a Mad Tea Party category just for the love of it.

Upon entering the cafe, you'll be greeted by cats everywhere. The Paul & Joe print cats and the 招き猫  a.k.a. Lucky cat. You'll be stuck staring at the Flamingoes because there is a long waiting line.
Up the stairs of this multi-purpose building is and interesting mix of balcony seating.

I was, quite frankly, starving at that point. The trains here involve endless walking. Ordered Vongole pasta, no pictures because I'm hungry I ate it before thinking. Got the lovely afternoon tea set though. They have cute waitstaff, which I have no doubt are wearing Paul & Joe dresses. Nice enough to give me blanket and attentive enough to keep refilling my petite water goblet. Table modern service indeed.

Then we have the pop-up store at a corner of the restaurant. The Paul & Joe Sister Paper issue No. 12 S/S 2011has an interesting concept inspired by 40-60's beach style. Denim everywhere, interesting prints though.
Love the installation art. From the printed stuffed cats to the illustration on the door.


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