Sunday, May 1, 2011

Metamorphosis - Wunderkammer - SOMARTA 2011-12 A/W | Japan Fashion Week

SOMARTA collection has a wonderful concept revolving around Metamorphosis and Wunderkammer. Wunderkammer, meaning wonder room or cabinet des curiosities, designed to showcase an idea. The aim of which was the collection and preservation of the whole concept. The important consideration in that it makes apparent is that the collections resulting from this process were founded on an organization principle and dependent on philosophical considerations.

Tamae Hirokawa, having started work at Issey Miyake as a promising fashion design graduate from Bunka Fashion College, left to start her brand SOMARTA.  In the Dazed & Confused article Somarta Sung, the design philosophy and aesthetic of the brand is described by the designer as "What I could feel beauty in it". The famous body suits in particular are conceptually "clothes as close as our body themselves". 

Sussie Lau of Style bubble fame wrote about seamless lace bodysuit range "Skin series".  This is evident in the 2011-12 A/W collection with the core concept of the brand still showcased. On the other hand, the metamorphosis aspect of the collection is apparent in the fabric experimentation. It seems that fabric techniques are developed each season. I am particularly fond of the lace dress with a structured hemline. It is amazing how such a delicate fabric like lace could develop into a structured piece in the end.

"「SOMARTA / ソマルタ」の語意は、サンスクリット語で蓬萊の玉の枝から生まれ出る不老不死の甘露“AMRITA(アムリタ)”と、
「Skin Series」 "身体における衣服の可能性" をコンセプトに、ソマルタがデビューシーズンより提案する無縫製編機によるボディニットシリーズの総称です。柄の美し"さはも


SOMARTA 2011-12 A/W COLLECTION from TOKYO FASHION FILM on Vimeo. Photos by JFW online web collection. The whole collection could be viewed in HD. The presentation reminds me of the finale for the Coco avant Chanel movie.


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