Monday, May 9, 2011

Garage Sale "XTC Park" : TOGA XTCガレージセール"エクスタシーひろば"

TOGA XTCガレージセール"エクスタシーひろば"
I have to admit this is the coolest Garage Sale I have ever been to. The TOGA XTC is a vintage boutique right in front of the TOGA flagship store in Harajuku. Unlike most vintage shops, the items are  repaired and resized as needed, under the direction of designer Yasuko Furuta. An interesting take on up-cycling your clothes, making a classic find easily wearable.  This is a staple within the fashion circles in Tokyo. The garage sale is the way to get these handpicked vintage finds at a fraction of the cost.

In the feature in Nylon Magazine, "We decided that Toga should open a shop entirely dedicated to vintage.". I couldn't agree more that vintage is the most inspiring way to mix & style. Furuta further explains that "Today, people from all over the world—of any age, sex or culture—come and visit Harajuku. So we hope that the Toga XTC will become like a souvenir shop!"

This sea of shoes is amazing. The vivid colors, oxfords and even something similar to the tabi shoes. For the clothes I saw some really interesting pieces white crochet shorts, maxi skirts, red tea dresses, marc jacobs 'bayong' bag. It was really a step ahead of the trends.

The red shoes on the pedestal is lovely. I think I just saw one of the inspirations for the TOGA autumn winter 2011-2012 collection. 

Then we have the cool people from TOGA archives. I love their style. They make layering look effortless. The combination of fabrics is amazing I love how the chiffon dress shirt goes with the rock shirt. Then we have an interesting mix of vivid colors with greys. Looks more interesting than the usual color blocking.

How guys wear sheer in Tokyo is interesting. It works with a button-up shirt. Edit: I apparently just snapped the famous Yoruko Banzai, one of the interesting Tokyo bloggers in DROPTOKYO.  Lucky street snap.

One hour into the garage sale and the rolling racks are already partly empty. Don't miss this 2 days sale in Harajuku & Osaka!


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