Monday, April 25, 2011

SHIDA TATSUYA AUTUMN / WINTER 2011-2012 | Japan Fashion Week

When I talked about the - urge - 7 brands Exhibition, I was fully committed to viewing the pieces on the last day. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. Not even google maps can save me from the endless streets of Tokyo.  It was a sad day for me but then we have this lovely look book for the SHIDA TATSUYA AUTUMN / WINTER 2011-2012.

SHIDA TATSUYA studied at Nagoya Mode Gakuen. He participated at the Rendez-Vous Paris & New YorkSHINMAI Creator's Project and Japan Fashion Week. I am fascinated with the inky black palette with draping and three dimensional volume. It seems to revolve around an exploration of texture with a singular shade of black - an ironic twist to the old adage regarding the slimming black. In my mind it's a beautiful imagery of a black sheep. It would be interesting to see the different textures and fabrics used in this collection. The detailed draping was apparent in the natural way the clothes move. I'm definitely fond of the jumping photos and how it shows such heavy fabric move gracefully, even poetically. This would probably translate to sheer volume but somehow makes it possible to express their own sense of style. The tailored coat with a textured dress was something that streamlined the volume.

"デットストック、日本製ハリスツイード、TOP糸を使用した織物、編み物など味わいの深いクラシック素材とオリジナルで製作したフェイクファーを使用 洗いをかけたようなフェイクファーには箔プリントを施し過去と現代の素材をMIX  ボリュームと立体感で独自の重ね着スタイルを表現"

Direction : 濱口 奈緒子
Photo : michael hitoshi
Hair : 染谷 明彦(Posh)
Make : 糸川 智文(BRILLIAGE)
Stylist : 鈴木 美夏(Balata)
Model : Olga(Switch) 



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