Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lolitaism: A view on Emily Temple Cute S/S 2011

Emily Temple Cute S/S 2011 featured in spoon. magazine. What a fun brand!

I couldn't plainly describe this brand. It uses the elements of classic but with a fun twist. Their pieces always seem so easy to coordinate and a person would rarely go wrong with it.

This one looks like Heidi meets Anne of Green Gables. I wouldn't be surprised if I find a lolita dressed like this in the mountains. Who would have thought of red braided hair? The color of the red really pops out from all that white. The shorts has small ruffle details. It has a cuteness to it that is subtle because of its brown color. If this shorts would be used for sweet lolita, I figure it would be very pink, making it overflow with cuteness.

While she seems to be suffering a massive toothache but can't get over her love of sweets and biscuits. Usually, when I see sweets used as prints on lolita dresses, I see lots of it  and usually light colored and pink. With this dress the color is darker and the prints bolder.

This brand, Emily Temple Cute, seems very unique to me. It has a way of making obvious and easier to see the lifestyle and mannerisms of a lolita in its prints, hairstyle, make-up and over all look.

They have the prints that no one seem to have tried before, using prints in a distinctly different way and make it a refreshing idea for fashion. I like how they have pieces that can be casual and toned down but I also like it when they show their fun and quirky side.

What else would you call this but adorable?

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