Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Daphne Guinness for Isabella Blow

Daphne Guinness for Akris spring/summer 2010
Daphne Guiness is well known and loved, as muse, for her personal style and love for couture. In July 2010, she stopped the sale of Isabella Blow's beloved closet child, a collection of the hats she wore every day and couture from the young designers she supported at that time.

Daphne Guinness photographed by Mario Testino for Vogue
She said in an article 'Why I stopped the sale' in the Financial Times, "I want – we want – to do what she would want; what we think she would want. I would like this unique collection, marked by her grace and the fact it was so intimately hers, to allow people (whether students, lovers of fashion, historians) to remember her and benefit from her legacy, when we who knew and loved Issie are no longer here. For that, it needs to be kept whole; it is like a diary, a journey of a life, and a living embodiment of the dearest, most extraordinary friend.
In this way all of Issie’s friends, known or unknown, near or far, both those she chose and those who identify with her, will have access to something that no one should be afraid to call by its proper name: Isabella Blow’s Work of Art."

I agree with the fact that couture fashion and street fashion has a certain continuity. Individuality would always exist and remain underground, never touching the likes of mainstream.  How people express their sense of style - it's all about creation.

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