Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wearable Art

Long ago, a couple of years back, I watched a contest about wearable art on the television. It was amazing and I never forgot. The designers/artists created these things that I couldn't really call a costume. It was simply art and it probably knew no boundaries of Dos and Don'ts of fashion, which might be debatable because it seems subjective. Are there rules to fashion or is it a matter of just making it feel right even if it seems wrong? Aren't rules meant to be broken at times anyhow?

Well,here's a wearable art that I find cute and fun and I hope I am not alone in thinking that way.

This creation makes me think of Marie-Antoinette. Pretty pink ribbons and gold ringlets for hair... When I took a closer look at her dress, I realized her dress was made of teabags! I thought it was so adorable but I am worried what happens if she walks. Will the teacups and the tray fall off?


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