Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Prada Spring 2011: The Shoes That Confused Me…

I don’t think I have ever seen a pair of shoes as confusing as these EVER. I have seen many pairs that played around with the ideas of contrast. One such common example would have been the “Beautiful Ugly” concept where designs are outside of what is normally considered pretty but they managed to make it look nice or cool. That concept I can understand with my mind, my eyes, through the feel it gives me or if lucky, all of the mentioned.

However, these pair strikes my brain as plain confusing. I am not saying it is unpleasant to look at but I just cannot figure out whether to like it or not. The black parts of the shoes makes me think of a dark fantasy, gothic inspiration that meets office look while the elevated heels make me think of happy, carefree vacation at the beach!

Looking at this combination that makes these pair confuses me. I do understand though that this would make it a lot more versatile and edgy in terms of style. I can see myself pairing shorts or pants (probably made of denim or a really casual feeling fabric) and printed shirt with it or a black pencil cut skirt with a striped shirt (and maybe a straw hat). And, maybe, just maybe, I might not bother much with tights or socks with these pair.

Yet, despite the ideas that these shoes gives me, I still cannot decide whether to like it or not.

Neko Eriko

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