Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lolitaism & Its Style of Fashion

            When a person mentions “Lolita”, probably the first thing that comes to mind is really young girls or the novel by Vladimir Nabokov. But what does it really mean when we relate that to a sense of fashion? Is it all about being younger than the age of thirteen, of being underage? Or is it about ladies of all ages inspired to dress like one?

 For me, it is about ladies (or perhaps even some people from the male population) who never really lost the charm of being youthful regardless of age and are more than capable to express that through fashion, music, lifestyle and other forms of art.

 I find these ladies (or men) inspiring when they express themselves through fashion. And, that brings us to the topic of Lolita fashion.

Lolita fashion is a style of fashion that captures the essence of being youthful, probably its not an exaggeration to say child-like and doll-like. It can be a style of fashion that may appear innocent, playful, elegant, free-spirited, sweet or even dark. It is a creative and artistic form of self-expression. I believe it to be a flexible style of fashion wherein it can fit into various settings or can be mixed with other styles as well but can still be distinguished as what it is. It never truly loses its charm that easily.

As a style of fashion, it is also very pleasing to note that Lolita fashion can be worn by people of different silhouettes. If there is something that could be considered a structural imperfection by the person, this fashion can help cope with the cause of insecurity or frustration.

Neko Eriko

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