Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Little Black Things

bird clip pack of 8
When I saw these little black bird paper clips, I hoped that the person who made these should have done so earlier. I would have been happy to own some of these clips during my high school and college days. I am sure I would have used them on most of the papers of my least favorite subjects as a subtle sign of dislike for others to see or an obvious sign for myself of what was probably written on said papers. After all, what I remember about dark-colored birds like ravens, crows and vultures is that they are near places or things that signify tragedy or doom. This item would have definitely served as a warning to the tragic and the doomed in my life.

Right now, I think if I own these things, I might use these as bookmarks. It would look cute on the book as if the little thing is just perching on it.

Another black item that caught my eyes was this black ceramic wall clock.

It makes me think of dark fairytale. It would have looked immaculate in white but I prefer it just the way it is. I like how it resembles lace and how the gold hands pop out. I could be really inspired to design all sorts of things just looking at this wall clock.

Isn’t black such a nice color? It can be elegant, classy, mysterious, playful, mature, grim, twisted or more yet it never fails to belong somewhere. It simply does without question.

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