Friday, February 4, 2011

The Black Swan

            The heroine had a fragile figure and an innocent angelic face. Thin arms, thin legs, smooth skin and all else needed to make her into the perfect White Swan but what intrigues me more is her transformation into the seductive and dark, if not a bit grim, Black Swan.

It is really fascinating that fashion managed to enhance the depiction of this transformation. When Natalie Portman’s make-up was light, she looked so dainty and guiltless even a little awkward because of it.

Yet, when I saw her next as the black swan, she was something else entirely. She looked like she had high cheekbones because of the contour of her face emphasized. Her lips were of darker shade and it hinted at something mature and seductive, though when she smiled, for some reason, I thought of it as overwhelming and a bit scary because the shades of her lips, matched with her entire look, had a somewhat sinister quality to it. It was not that her make-up was bad but because it was so pretty in an otherworldly way. And, her eyes were different than her usual in more than one level. It looked deeper, darker and secretive. Her eye-make up had details that were a bit confusing for me when she started dancing. I found myself asking a couple of questions like: Has her make-up changed as she turned and turned until she had black wings? Was the eye shadow and details glittering, black or do I remember it right when I think it was darker than moss green? Would that make-up work well with a black or dark-colored evening gown?

However, Natalie Portman’s make-up as the Black Swan was not the only point that I found enchanting regarding aesthetics. How can I even begin to describe what she wore? I squinted and squinted until I looked like I was closing my eyes just so I can try to figure out what she was wearing. It was black, form fitting and had lots of feathers but there was more. I saw intricate details and now I wonder if my head were playing tricks on me already.

After watching the movie, it was difficult to answer these questions immediately as there were many things my mind wanted to absorb. It didn’t help that I needed to have a bit more time to figure out parts of the plot like what really did happen and which events where the stuff that probably happened only in her head?

Black Swan is a very good film and it is no wonder that people say it is truly worth watching. I believe that it would surprise anyone to see Natalie Portman, who would pass as a teenager because of how young and refreshing she looks, to transform into someone who is undeniably an adult, a full-gown woman because of that Black Swan look that she had on stage. And to think I am only sharing about her looks!      

Neko Eriko

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