Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fashion blow by blow

Isabela Blow’s life is said to be one of extremes of tragedy and inspiration. She is the epitome of Avant Garde. Her headpieces are intricately detailed – always the first thing you see in a crowd. As a great supporter of young talents, she is responsible for bringing Alexander Macqueen to the fashion world. People look up to Isabela for her sense of style. She lived her life in social circles full of talented people. On her part, maybe it is pure intuition. She will forever be missed.

Would anyone be able to step out of their house wearing the same thing as Isabella with their head held high? They would be found only in events and special days where it is safe to play. Step out in the streets and you are open to stares and jeering. Its hysterical for them and a social suicide for one. Does the social circles we are in greatly affect our sense of fashion? Where we live is mostly responsible. No matter how tight a social circle is it would not be able to survive a day to day expression of oneself.

The anti-social then is a black hole. How interesting it is when you are so different you just don't fit. Unless you move to a new city, where it is more socially acceptable to express your self. One shall live vicariously through Isabela Blow – eccentric to the end.


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